Building capacity and resilience in challenging times: how do we continue to build skills in our workforce and leadership?

The Leeds Club, 3 Albion Place, Leeds, LS1 6JL

Thursday 15th September 8.30am -1.00pm

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Finances and revenue streams are under threat, the HCA is challenging providers on their approach to efficiency and delivering value for money, and organisations are merging and consolidating. Faced with these and other challenges, how are housing organisations building capacity and resilience amongst their staff and managers to respond to these pressures?

Leeds Federated and Incommunities will outline and discuss their contrasting approaches to addressing these challenges. Speakers from WYLP and Dutton Fisher will set out how the Apprenticeship Levy provides opportunities to resource the upskilling and development of existing staff and managers.

Confirmed guest speaks are: Matthew Walker, Adrienne Reid, Alex Miles.  Event hosted by Paul Dutton and Jo Fisher

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